Wind energy is becoming worldwide one of the most popular renewable energy.

Compared to mobile platforms, rope access provides highest productivity at low costs for inspecting, cleaning and repairing rotor blades and tower on wind turbines.

High wind limitations, combined to a very high level of safety (high level of qualification and rescue plan as part of the work statement), rope access is the predestinated technique for works on wind turbines, and is also the most ecological way to perform them.

For bigger repairs, rope access teams can also support platform‘s workers in a very efficient manner.

Vertical (Beijing) Technology & Services Ltd offers a full range of applications with rope access techniques, including risk assessment, work statement, rescue plan, team supervision, etc...

We don‘t only focuse on operations, we are also spezialized on training.

Vertical Consulting GmbH developped a special rope access course for the specific wind turbine requirements.

We also organize a fall arrest training for the climbing of the tower (also dedicated to non-rope access technicians), including selection and use of PPE, work positioning and rescue exercise.  Click HERE for more details.

Wind Energy

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