What do I get after a successful Level 1 pass?

You will received after 4-5 weeks an ID-card, a certificate as well as a logbook.

All rope access hours should be recorded in the logbook and signed by a supervisor.

As an IRATA Level 1, can I only work in an IRATA member company?

No, you can work everywhere, as long you meet the local regulations.


I am IRATA Level 3. Does it mean that I can organize IRATA training?

No, only IRATA training member companies can carry out training and book an independent assessor. But a TMC can employ you as a L3-trainer.

Is the IRATA certificate accepted in Switzerland?

IRATA is one of the accepted standards in Switzerland. For more information, consult the SUVA-homepage, www.suva.ch/seil.

How long is my certificate valid?

3 years from the assessment date. Before expiring date, you will need a refresh training (minimum 2 days) and a re-assessment, carried out by an IRATA independent assessor. The refresh training can only be delivered by an IRATA training member company.

I already have a rope access certificate from another association (SBV, FISAT, CQP, ...) Does it mean that I automatically get an IRATA L1 ticket?

No, there is no acknowledgment between the different federations and associations. You must need to go through the system and start with a Level 1 training/assessment. In some special situations, and after verification of the previous work experience (costs: £ 100.-), the time between L1 and L2 can be reduced to 3 months and 150-250 hours.

What do I need to work offshore?

You also need an offshore training called BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training).

The BOSIET includes Safety, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, First Aid and Hypothermia, Helicopter Safety and Escape, and Survival at Sea.

The BOSIET is only valid for 4 years.

What happens if I fail at the assessment?

Usually, you will need 2 additional days of training, and then be re-assessed by an IRATA independant assessor.


How big are the chances to pass the assessment?          

It depends on you... Usually, 90% of the Level 1 pass successfully. For absolute beginners with no previous experience, we organize a 6-days  instead of a 5-days training. This may increase your chances, but we cannot promise you a pass.        


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